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Gradient Advisors

Gradient Advisors, LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor designed to help address your investment objectives.

Gradient Advisors

Gradient Advisors, LLC offers a diverse platform of investment options to address your financial goals and objectives, sound investment advice, and the best possible financial strategies.

Who We Are

Gradient Advisors is an SEC registered investment advisor. Founded on the principle of fiduciary responsibility, Gradient Advisors and our financial services professionals work with you to tailor investment strategies based on your unique objectives, putting your interests above all else. These principles and standards are the cornerstone of our commitment to you. Our understanding of the industry allows us to identify professional money managers who can help build a portfolio that suits your individual needs.

Our Commitment to You

We are passionate about providing the best possible support. Through our relationship with the Gradient Financial Group, LLC family of companies, our advisors have access to a suite of proprietary tools and technology to assist in assessing your unique financial goals. Our role is to earn your trust. Our financial services professionals offer valuable services that can help you:

Develop a Financial Plan

Develop a personalized and comprehensive financial plan based on your needs and goals.

Assess Financial Goals

Assess your financial goals and investment time horizons.

Asset Allocation

Evaluate your tolerance to risk and allocate your assets according to your customized plan.


Analyze the risks of your current portfolio and discuss your options.

Income Goals

Understand your income planning goals and illustrate potential sources of newfound income.

Legacy Planning

Plan your legacy and potentially create generational wealth.

Professional Asset Management

Our approach is to seek a variety of professional money managers who have a proven track record. Our suite of managers gives you access to dozens of investment portfolios that span the full risk spectrum. Our advisors are not tied to a single investment manager; rather, they have access to a wide selection of portfolios. The professional money managers offer portfolios designed using the following investment vehicles: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), covered call strategies, and non-correlated asset classes. We engage with various money managers to help ensure we are providing the best resources available. Ask for more information about the additional money managers we offer.

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Portfolio Analysis Review

Through our partnership with Gradient Investments, LLC, the proprietary Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process gives you a detailed breakdown and written analysis of your current investment portfolio. The PAR process combines third-party statistics with a simple, easy-to-read report so you can understand the possible risks and rewards of your current investment portfolio.


You gather and provide brokerage statements to a trusted advisor with a completed Color of Money Risk Analysis.


The investment team will analyze and conduct a comprehensive Portfolio Analysis Review which includes the following areas of analysis: Morningstar Rating (1-5 Stars), Fees and Expenses (loads and internal fees), Performance (1, 3, 5, 10 years), Risk Exposure (as measured by standard deviation), and Allocation and Diversification.


You receive the Portfolio Analysis Review and, at your request, can schedule a consultation with a member of the team from Gradient Investments, LLC.